Broken limbs, no eyesight and other stuff April 14 2014

Well.. It's been quite quiet here for a couple of weeks due to me breaking my arm AND getting eye surgery. but I'm almost at the other side of it all and will start to post A LOT of new products the next couple of days. A new feature will allow you to get the print framed for a very reasonable price.. more on that later - also I'll have some exiting news on paper and size choices very soon. Peace out - Nicolei

First day... April 03 2014

OOOkay .. the first day was GREAT! Got a lot of orders, they will be shipped today and tomorrow. Further more I've talked with a printing buddy of mine and very soon we will be able to offer a wider variety of sizes and paper to print on, keeping the cost low so it's still affordable - much more on this soon!!